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Lock Repairs: Common Issues With Simple Solutions

Fitting A New Door Handle

Locks are complicated systems, and for good reason. If anyone were able to understand the intricate workings of standard locks, they wouldn’t be very safe. Therefore, when yours starts to show signs of damage, you’ll need to seek out a professional locksmith to carry out lock repairs. Let’s take a look at a few of the common reasons why your locks might need some attention.

Sticky Lock Repairs

Locks can seize and stick for all sorts of reasons. It could be a build-up of debris, a faulty mechanism or even cold weather conditions causing the problem. If cleaning the visible lock components isn’t helping, or you’re finding the lock sticking in the height of summer, something could be wrong with the mechanism. In this case, you’ll want to call a locksmith to inspect the problem and carry out lock repairs.

Loose Door Handle

A loose handle is a certain indicator that you need lock repairs. This is a sign that the locking system is broken or needs tightening. A professional locksmith can examine the problem and repair or replace any components that need attention. On some occasions, it’s as simple as tightening a few screws, whereas other times you may need to replace the lock entirely. Only a professional can determine the best course of action, so make sure you don’t delay calling out a locksmith.

New Lock Installation

Misaligned Door

Sometimes the issue isn’t even with the lock at all. When the door doesn’t align well with its frame, the locking system can become damaged and ineffective. It’s quite difficult to realign a door without help, and it’s important to ensure it’s done properly. Because ASAP Wales work with locks, doors and windows, we can help with this and get the problem solved in no time.

For Lock Repairs, Choose ASAP Wales

No matter what the problem is with your locks, we can help. Call our team of expert locksmiths today and take advantage of our 30 minute response time and free callouts.


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