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When Should You Call An Emergency Locksmith?

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In theory, anything that compromises your home’s security could be considered an emergency. Therefore, the nature of a lot of work that locksmiths do is very reliant on timing and a fast response. Many people feel that their circumstances aren’t ‘enough’ to call an emergency locksmith. To ensure you don’t feel silly about calling for these services, we’ve put together a few situations where you absolutely should be making that call.

You’ve Lost Your Keys

If you’ve lost your keys and are locked out of your home, you’ll need an emergency locksmith to help. Gaining access to your home can be urgent for many reasons. You may have pets locked inside which need your attention, or you could have shopping which needs to be stored in the fridge or freezer quickly. Don’t hesitate to call out a locksmith to help when you’ve lost your keys. They’ll get you inside and can help you replace the lock, so your lost key will not be a concern.

You’ve Had A Break In

If your home has been broken into or burgled, you will probably be feeling scared and vulnerable. As soon as you realise your home security has been compromised, call an emergency locksmith and ensure they can be on-hand to help as soon as the police investigations have been completed. It’s important to replace the locks on any break-in points to ensure that the intruder cannot gain access again.

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Your Lock Or Key Is Broken

If your lock is broken, your home is not secure. It’s important to get it fixed quickly, as your home will be vulnerable to break ins and your home insurance may be invalid. As well as that, if you’ve got a broken key or your key has broken off inside the lock, this will also need the attention of an emergency locksmith.

For Emergency Locksmiths, Choose ASAP Wales

We offer a 30-minute response time in most cases, with no call out fee and services available 24/7. If you need an emergency locksmith, contact our team today.


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