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When Boarding Up Is Needed

Boarded Up Shop Windows

Unfortunately, there are times when commercial properties have damage to their windows. Compromised glazing poses a huge security risk, as it opens up a potential access point to intruders. As well as that, the damaged glass can also be a health and safety risk, particularly if further damage occurs. In times like these, boarding up becomes an essential. Let’s take a look at a few of the common situations where it might be needed.

Vandalism & Criminal Damage

Sometimes criminals and vandals will choose to break the windows of commercial properties in order to gain access. Whether the perpetrator managed to get into the property or not, if they successfully created damage, boarding up will be required. Otherwise, it remains a weak point where they could return and continue carrying out criminal activity.

Extreme Weather Damage

Nature isn’t always kind, especially in areas that are exposed to high winds and flood damage. Storms can cause all kinds of problems, and debris can end up damaging windows. If you know that your property is likely to be exposed to damaging weather, it may be in your best interest to seek boarding up before the storm arrives. This is particularly recommended if you’ve experienced storm damage before.

Damaged Shop Window With Mannequins Inside

How Long Can Boarding Up Last?

Boarding up is really a temporary measure to secure a property when damage leaves them at risk. It only takes an hour or two to install, so it’s ideal for circumstances where a quick fix is needed. The boards can be left up for a while, but ideally you will have booked an appointment to replace the glazing. If the boarded up property is a dwelling, it’s not really safe to live in it until the glazing is replaced.

For Boarding Up & Glazing Replacements, Choose ASAP Wales

Thankfully, ASAP Wales provide both boarding up services and double glazing repairs. If you’ve got damaged windows, we can secure the premises and schedule a repair or replacement service at a time that suits you. Contact us today to take advantage of any of our services.


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