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What You Should Do If Your Key Snaps In Your Door Lock

Broken Key

Although keys are made to be strong and durable, there are occasions when they can snap. Unfortunately, this can happen when the key is in your lock, leaving the snapped end stuck in the locking system. It can be very awkward to retrieve the stuck piece of key, so it’s important to act appropriately when this happens. We’re going to share what your best course of action is, depending on your exact circumstances.

The Key Is Retrievable

If you’re lucky, the snapped portion will be off far up enough that you can grab the broken piece and pull it out. However, you should exercise caution if this is the case. If the key is only partially inserted into the lock, you run the risk of pushing it further in, making it even harder to retrieve. Only pull on the broken part if you’re confident that you can extract it without any risk of pushing it further away.

The Key Is Lost

If the broken part is entirely within the lock, you’re not going to be able to retrieve it without assistance. Call a locksmith to help you when this is the case. They’ll be able to remove it safely, and shouldn’t cause the lock to become damaged in the process. If you try to get it out yourself using DIY methods, you could break the tumbler, rendering the lock useless.

Snapped Key In Door Lock

Can You Make A New Key From A Broken One?

Once you’ve retrieved the broken portion of the key, you may be wondering what the next steps are. So long as the lock isn’t damaged, the best way forward is to replace the broken key. If the broken parts still fit together nicely, it should be possible to use it to cut a copy from. Without a clean break, it will be too complicated to copy, and it may not be possible to produce a replacement.

Call ASAP Wales If Your Key Has Snapped

If your key has snapped in the lock, or has a clean break and you need a replacement, give our team a call today. Our locksmiths can get your issue sorted in no time, leaving your home safe and secure.


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